For over 15 years certain members of my family and myself have been looking for information pertaining to my great grandfather, his early life and where he came from. This hasn’t been easy to come across. The farthest we have been able to go back was 1900 in Shelby County Alabama. We have put this off hoping to find something more ourselves, but I think it’s time to ask for assistance, or at least some advice on where to look to get an answer. Below you will find a link to our information.I hope someone here can be of some help, thank you

Barry Suggs

J.W. (Will) Suggs:
J.W. was known as Will, Willis but death records list him as J.W. No one in the family knows what the J. stands for. As the story goes he was from N.C. His parents apparently died when he was young, he and a brother (George?) and sister (name unknown) were raised by and aunt and uncle who owned a mill.

He worked for the railroad tha ran from Shelby Co. Al. to S.C. Possibly the A&O. He was also a stonemason. He met Matilda in S.C. and they got married in S.C. or Ga. and came to live in Shelby Co. around 1896. They are found on the 1900 census in Shelby Co. and in Morgan Co. on the 1910 census. No record can be found of J.W. prior to 1900.