Amanda Caroline Huitt was born 1833 Arkansas. Her father was supposedly John Benton Huitt, b.1802 Georgia and d. 1848 Dallas, TX.
Amanda has 2 older sisters, Elizabeth b. 1824, and Charlotte, 1826.
Their mother died about 1835; some say her name was Nancy, others say Margaret. She may have been born 1801 unk. and died 1835 Arkansas. She was Cherokee.

John Huitt had land patents in Washington County, Arkansas. One for 160 acres in 1839, one for 40 acres, and another of 40 acres, in 1943. Shortly after he received the patents in 1843, he left for Dallas Texas. He was the first Sheriff of Dallas, Texas. He died mysteriously in office; no one knows how or where he is buried. He posted an ad in the Dallas newspaper, about a slave he was holding in the jail and for someone to come and pick him up, that was Dec. 1847, he was dead in Jan. 1848. His probate records show that Amanda was given a guardian, John Higgs Cole, because she was only 15. John Higgs Cole was the local doctor, and the very same probate judge for John Huitt. They probably knew each other in Arkansas, as they show up as neighbors on the 1840 census for Washington County, AR. Her two older sisters were married and did not take her in, neither did John’s second and widowed wife, Martha O. Hyde. Old records show her name as Amanda Caroline “Cope” Huitt, but I think this is a transcription error, should have been Cole. If not, there was a family in the area named Cope, an Iddo Anderson Cope and Nancy (Lambeth) Cope. Amanda married in 1850 to William Charles Lowe; two of his brothers also married girls from that Cope family. One other thing; Amanda lived in Washington County AR right next door to the Ambrose Harnage and Nancy (Sanders) Harnage; Nancy was Cherokee, died in 1834. The famous Cherokee Chief John Ridge was murdered in the Harnage front yard in 1839. Some say Amanda was John Huitt’s wife-some of John’s relatives had been Mormons in Illinois, so he could have had 2 wives, meaning she might be the daughter of the Copes. When she married William Lowe, Iddo Anderson Cope was the one that married them. The Lowe family is descended from Catawba and Miami ancestors.